Multi-Function Military Gardening Portable Camping Shovel Survival Spade Trowel Dibble Pick Emergency Garden Outdoor Tool

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Product Description

  • The shovel is an ultra lightweight, smart multi-function, super compact tools for your gardening and outdoor activities.The folding shovel can be used to dig tires out of dirt if a car becomes stuck.
  • Small and Portable: The folding shovel is foldable, small size, you can assemble and disassemble easily, provide a mini portable storage bag. You can put the shovel in your backpack and take it anywhere, it's strong enough to withstand the toughest conditions. You can also keep it in your car, backpack or toolbox. Portable and convenient, ergonomic design.
  • Premium Material: The camping shovel is made of high carbon steel, which is strong, tough, wear-resistant and durable enough to withstand digging, shoveling, etc. The handle shovel is designed to handle a long list of jobs in extreme conditions, and the rubber handle is non-slip and sturdy, making it very easy to use, ideal when digging, trenching, cutting or cutting.
  • The military entrenching shovel can be used either straight or at a 90 degree angle.Trenching shovels are another name for the folding shovel since its pointed type of blade makes it suitable for digging trenches around campsites to collect water away from the campsite.
  • Wide Application: The survival shovel is suitable for typhoon/heavy rain countermeasures, outdoor activities, snow shoveling in winter, camping, gardening, mountaineering, trekking, trekking, fishing, hunting.